Company background

Vittamed is a neurodiagnostics medical device company with offices in Kaunas, Lithuania and Boston, USA. The company has developed a suite of ultrasound-based devices to non-invasively measure the absolute value of intracranial pressure (ICP), real-time cerebral blood flow autoregulation (CA), and intracranial volumetric wave monitoring.    The non-invasive diagnostic methods have been clinically tested and proven in leading neuro centers in Europe and the United States. 

The primary focus for Vittamed is to closely measure and monitor critical care patients suffering from neurological diseases, post-stroke complications or traumatic brain injuries.  ICP and CA are key vital signs in neurological diagnosing and monitoring because of their correlation with treatment algorithms and outcomes in these patients. Current methods for measuring ICP are invasive and require drilling a hole in the skull to insert a sensor (TBI patients) or a lumbar puncture (neurological patients).  These procedures are both risky and very expensive.  Our non-invasive technology provides a safer, more cost effective way to capture the same clinical information for doctors and is less traumatic for patients. 

Our suite of devices could not only replace the invasive methods in the ICU but also could become a standard of care for other patients outside ICU unit. 

Emergency rooms in the USA and EU see between 4M-6M patients who have Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and Concussions (mild TBI).  Early diagnostics and monitoring of ICP and tracking changes in CA would allow for better diagnosing and treating these patients. 

Other Neurological disease and surgery opportunities: Stroke, Hydrocephalus, Cardiac Bypass Surgery, Brain Tumors, Meningitis, and many others.  There are approximately 2M-3M patients in the USA and EU with these conditions who would benefit from our non-invasive solutions. 

Our non-invasive technology opens new points of care such as Neurology clinics, Sports and TBI centers, and Military field hospitals.